September 28, 2014 eltmanlaw

Agencies – Tired of Calling Accounts With No Data?

Tired of Calling Accounts With No Data?

Despite the vast amount of information options currently on the marketplace, collection agencies still face many of the same problems.

Collectors often find themselves wasting their time trying to collect on accounts that do not have accurate data on the debtor. In many cases, accounts without accurate data will never liquidate, no matter how you tailor your calling strategy.

In order to maximize collections on their accounts, they need to get confirmed information on their accounts, such as: address, credit score, phone number, and job/bank information.

While agencies can solve these problems by relying on data vendors, that can come at a cheap cost. Devoting monetary and operations resources to costly data vendor management can pull resources away from revenue-generating collections.

For many collection agencies, it’s a catch-22: either devote more resources to data investigation, or let your collectors waste their time on accounts without accurate data.

Eltman Law wants to help these agencies with a win-win scenario. Eltman Law currently has a large pool of accounts with confirmed data. However, we do not have a call-and-collect campaign to collect on these accounts.

We would like to place these highly-collectible accounts out to a capable agency so that we can focus on what we do best – thorough account investigation – and leave the collections to the experts.

Call (212) 660-3164 and give us a quick summary of what you consider “ideal accounts”. We’ll give you the next steps.


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