October 4, 2015 eltmanlaw

Creditors – Why Major Creditors Are No Longer Ignoring Judgments

Why Major Creditors Are No Longer Ignoring Their Unpaid Judgments

A number of factors have led creditors and their collections vendors to ignore the unpaid judgments segment. Historically, many creditors have not seen high collection number on older or unpaid judgments, and the compliance needs of the current market have made creditors hesitant to collect in new segments.
Recently, this trend has shifted as major creditors have launched highly dormant judgment liquidation programs.

Eltman Law has pioneered a new judgment enforcement solution that efficiently handles all of the compliance concerns and also significantly increases liquidation rates in this segment.


*Based on historical data from close to 1 million judgments handled by Eltman Law. Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.

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