April 30, 2015 eltmanlaw

Creditors – Boost Your Bottom Line

Boost Your Bottom Line with Unpaid Judgments

New compliance pressures facing the industry are causing creditors and debt-holders to face lower collections numbers across most if not all collections segments. Eltman Law can increase creditors’ bottom lines by unlocking the value in their unpaid judgment inventory. Here’s how we create additive revenue for clients:

• Enforce judgments nationwide
• Service your national judgment inventory as one multi-state law firm
• Individually audit each judgment in your inventory for no additional fees
• Confirm that all judgment data is both FDCP-compliant and collectible
• Robust asset location and execution process, bolsters the segment through involuntary payments
• Bears the full economic risk of as many as seven thorough asset investigations per eligible account
• Often locates enforceable assets that network attorneys were unable to identify
• Can collect on accounts where the debtor has moved out of state

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