September 21, 2016 eltmanlaw

Conscientious Collections

While collection is a primary service Eltman Law provides for clients, it is not our only priority.

Our firm stands by a mantra of Conscientious Collections, believing that consumers and creditors can find common ground even after years of nonpayment.

We provide a number of Consumer Resources, including a dedicated Consumer Advocate attorney and a professional team of friendly customer service representatives. All of our customer representatives are friendly professionals operating directly out of a corporate headquarters in Jersey City, NJ.

The regulatory environment in collections is here for a reason, and Eltman Law is working to set a high standard for legal collections to move into the future.

Law firms handling collections, default judgments, and non-payment proceedings on behalf of clients must recognize that there is more to each consumer’s story than a name and a delinquent account balance. Anyone who services debt must treat consumers humanely and make the collection process painless, even if it takes years for a creditor to get the balance returned to them.  There is never an excuse for abusive, harassing, or deceptive practices when collecting consumer debt. 

Our commitment to fairness and ethical practice is reflected in our record:

  • Less than .0007% of our cases resulted in counter-suits.
  • Less than .000058% of our cases have resulted in Consumer Financial Protection Bureau complaints.
  • Less than .000043% of our cases have resulted in Better Businsss Bureau Complaints
  • Less than .000019% of our cases have resulted in Attorney General complaints

While creditors are entitled to the amount they are owed, that does not give their servicers free license to be inhumane when collecting on debts. It is imperative for any debt collector to keep in mind at all times that there is a living, breathing human behind the unpaid account.

At Eltman Law, we know that we can do the best job for our clients while treating their consumers as human beings. Debt collection doesn’t need to be hard on the consumer.

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