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Agencies – Enhance Your Legal Collection Strategy with the Nation’s Judgment Enforcement Pioneer

Enhance Your Legal Collection Strategy with the Nation’s Judgment Enforcement Pioneer

Collection agencies face new challenges as clients place fewer accounts and more demands on their collection agencies. In many cases, clients are pressuring their collectors to add or refine a legal collections strategy in back of their existing calling operations.

It is crucial for collection agencies to adapt to the changing industry and meet clients’ new demands. However, most agencies are not equipped to manage an elaborate legal network.

Eltman Law has developed a simple solution that adds a strong CFPB-compliant legal layer to any collections strategy. This helps agencies strengthen their client relationships with a unique value proposition and create a new revenue source in accounts they would ordinarily not be able to collect on.

Strengthen Your Existing Legal Network

Some collection agencies have taken proactive action to meet client expectations with a basic legal network designed to work in back of their existing collections. While this solution may work in the short term, clients will likely demand a more robust network that can operate in more states and collect on more legal-eligible accounts.

Collection agencies no longer need to forge relationships with individual firms from state to state. Eltman Law practices directly in 11 states and enforces judgments nationwide, allowing collection agencies to significantly expand their legal footprint while only contracting one additional firm.

What If You “Don’t Do Legal”?

Firms that have not yet expanded into legal collections face even bigger challenges. Managing a legal network comes with a long list of concerns and requirements that can scare off traditional collectors.

Eltman Law has developed a simple plug-and-play legal network solution for collection agencies. By partnering with Eltman, collectors can establish a comprehensive nationwide legal strategy including presence in multiple states, judgment enforcement, and industry-leading compliance control – all from one firm.

Call (212) 660-3164 and tell us if you use a legal network – then we can present an ideal legal collections solution for your firm.


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