Conscientious Collections

While collection is a primary service Eltman Law provides for clients, it is not our only priority.

Our firm stands by a mantra of Conscientious Collections, believing that consumers and creditors can find common ground even after years of nonpayment.

We provide a number of Consumer Resources, including a dedicated Consumer Advocate attorney and a professional team of friendly customer service representatives. All of our customer representatives are friendly professionals operating directly out of a corporate headquarters in Jersey City, NJ.

The regulatory environment in collections is here for a reason, and Eltman Law is working to set a high standard for legal collections to move into the future.

Law firms handling collections, default judgments, and non-payment proceedings on behalf of clients must recognize that there is more to each consumer’s story than a name and a delinquent account balance. Anyone who services debt must treat consumers humanely and make the collection process painless, even if it takes years for a creditor to get the balance returned to them.  There is never an excuse for abusive, harassing, or deceptive practices when collecting consumer debt. 

Our commitment to fairness and ethical practice is reflected in our record:

  • Less than .0007% of our cases resulted in counter-suits.
  • Less than .000058% of our cases have resulted in Consumer Financial Protection Bureau complaints.
  • Less than .000043% of our cases have resulted in Better Businsss Bureau Complaints
  • Less than .000019% of our cases have resulted in Attorney General complaints

While creditors are entitled to the amount they are owed, that does not give their servicers free license to be inhumane when collecting on debts. It is imperative for any debt collector to keep in mind at all times that there is a living, breathing human behind the unpaid account.

At Eltman Law, we know that we can do the best job for our clients while treating their consumers as human beings. Debt collection doesn’t need to be hard on the consumer.

Law Firms – Unprecedented Changes Here To Stay

Unprecedented Changes in the
Collection Market Are Here to Stay

Every attorney is familiar with the seismic changes that have occurred in the legal collections market in the recent past.

  • Declining placements.
  • Increased compliance demands
  • A growing client preference for multi-state firms
  • Shrinking margins
  • Hostility from courts and regulators
  • Aggressive, predatory consumer attorneys
  • Downward fee pressure

Many attorneys who have been through many market cycles believed this harsher environment would blow over. Unlike previous cycles, however, many of these changes appear to be systemic and permanent.

The Changes in the Collection Marketplace Place
Smaller Firms at a Competitive Disadvantage

Although these changes have impacted firms large and small (see the Hanna case), they have been especially difficult for smaller firms.

Many creditors are reducing the size of their networks because of their own compliance and management pressures. It is easier for them to manage one firm in five states than it is to manage five firms in five states.

This simple but ruthless numbers game leaves many excellent smaller firms excluded from business by clients they have served well for many years.

Eltman Law works with small firms on creative succession plans that benefit all parties. Call 212-660-3164 for more info.


Law Firms – Exit Strategies For Market Pressure

Common Exit Strategies for Collection Firms Pressured by the Market Shift

Unprecedented changes have hit the collections market, and it has to become clear that these changes are here to stay. Many smaller law firms feel increased regulation and declining placements have put them at a competitive disadvantage, and are making the decision to exit the marketplace in the most rational way possible.

Once the decision has been made to depart the firm’s practice for retirement or other pursuits there are several different methods to be considered.

Immediate Departure

This approach anticipates the departure of the existing partners after a brief transition period following a sale. The buyer and seller work together to ensure that all ethical and client requirements are met, but the selling attorneys have no further involvement with the firm after that.

Succession Plan

Smaller firms often have difficulty in succession planning for a variety of reasons, including a lack of qualified attorneys for leadership positions. This issue can be solved by developing a succession plan in cooperation with a larger firm. The partners in the smaller firm can join the larger firm with the intention of staying for a limited number of years.

The terms of their succession plan can be worked out so that the departing partners economic interests are protected while ensuring that the practice they built will last.
Please reach out to us if you’re considering an exit.

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Eltman Law ( is the industry leader in unpaid judgment management. Our innovative process uses deep data mining, nationwide asset investigations, and nationwide legal executions, to liquidate on accounts that other firms could not find value in.


Creditors – Why Major Creditors Are No Longer Ignoring Judgments

Why Major Creditors Are No Longer Ignoring Their Unpaid Judgments

A number of factors have led creditors and their collections vendors to ignore the unpaid judgments segment. Historically, many creditors have not seen high collection number on older or unpaid judgments, and the compliance needs of the current market have made creditors hesitant to collect in new segments.
Recently, this trend has shifted as major creditors have launched highly dormant judgment liquidation programs.

Eltman Law has pioneered a new judgment enforcement solution that efficiently handles all of the compliance concerns and also significantly increases liquidation rates in this segment.


*Based on historical data from close to 1 million judgments handled by Eltman Law. Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.

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Agencies – New Challenges

Collection Agencies Face New Challenges

In the current collections market, collection agencies face two major challenges that limit their potential for revenue growth:

  1. Limited account placements: Even at the best agencies, only a certain percentage of accounts ever become payers. Agencies require an increasing flow of additional account placements to maintain sustained revenue growth.
  2. Limited information on placed accounts: Credit agencies require information on debtors to identify collections segments and collect on accounts. Agencies must rely on data vendors to obtain this information, which can be cost prohibitive when trying to boost collection numbers.

Necessary information factors for an ideal collections account:

  • Up to date address
  • High credit score
  • Cell phone information
  • Landline information
  • Job information
  • Bank information

Without this information, agencies are unable to maximize collections in their account portfolios.


A Unique Solution from a National Law Firm


Eltman Law has a large volume of accounts with all of this information. While these accounts would be considered ideal collections accounts for most agencies, they are not a good match for our firm. We do not have a proper outbound calling operation, so we are unable to liquidate this inventory.


We would like to forward these accounts to an agency that would be better equipped to collect on them. If your agency has a robust call-and-collect operation, please reach out to us.


For more information:
Call 212.660.3164 or e-mail:

Eltman Law ( is the industry leader in unpaid judgment management. Our innovative process uses deep data mining, nationwide asset investigations, and nationwide legal executions, to liquidate on accounts that other firms could not find value in.


Creditors – What You Need To Know About Unpaid Judgments

What Every Creditor Must Know About Their Unpaid Judgments

80% of judgments go unpaid. The reality is that network attorneys are experts in obtaining judgments, not in getting them paid.

Compliance Risks in Unpaid Judgments

The older a judgment gets, the higher likely it is to be a significant compliance risk. Law firms must verify judgment data accuracy for CFPB compliance before they can even attempt to collect on it.
Unfortunately, for most firms, the cost of judgment data compliance audits outweighs the returns they would get on legal fees.
This leaves creditors with a two-pronged problem – missed collections revenue and increased compliance risk.

A Solution to Creditors’ Unpaid Judgment Woes

Creditors must segment legal collections separately from other legal accounts. This is especially true for older judgments that have not been collected on.

Legal network managers can use this as part of their existing firm consolidation efforts. Instead of keeping assorted judgments scattered across the firms that obtained them, network managers can consolidate their nation-wide judgment inventory with just one multi-state firm.

Eltman Law is a national collection firm that pioneered the unpaid judgment collections & compliance niche.

Statistics show that we collect up to 3 times as much as network attorneys in the unpaid judgment segment. We are able to invest our own resources into our client’s judgment data compliance because we are confident that our collections revenue will support the cost of our compliance audit.

This means more collections and less compliance risk for our clients.

Call (212) 660-3164 and give us an executive summary of your judgment inventory. We’ll give you the next steps.


Law Firms – How Small Firms Cope With A Changing Market

Succession Plans Help Small Law Firms Cope With a Rapidly Changing Collections Market

Concentrate on Law

An affiliation with a large firm can relieve the partners of a small firm of the parts of a law practice that many lawyers hate: payroll, IT, accounting, compliance, and client services. This allows them to act like lawyers again.

Move into Business Development

Many smaller firms have great contacts and reputations in the industry but have hit a glass ceiling in business development because they are limited to one state. An affiliation with a larger firm can provide the opportunity to expand your current good relations into a national arena.

Improve Your Competitiveness

Joining a large firm can make your firm more attractive:

  • Asset location resources that greatly improve your judgment liquidations, which in turn lead to increased market share.
  • A larger footprint that increases your attractiveness to existing national clients.

A decision to join a firm after years of your running your own shop should obviously not be taken lightly, but a wise national firm will allow a seasoned, reputable local attorney to have considerable latitude within its brand.

Eltman Law is looking to help collection firms with their exit strategies through creative succession plans that benefit all parties. Please reach out to us if you’re considering an exit.

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Creditors – Boost Your Bottom Line

Boost Your Bottom Line with Unpaid Judgments

New compliance pressures facing the industry are causing creditors and debt-holders to face lower collections numbers across most if not all collections segments. Eltman Law can increase creditors’ bottom lines by unlocking the value in their unpaid judgment inventory. Here’s how we create additive revenue for clients:

• Enforce judgments nationwide
• Service your national judgment inventory as one multi-state law firm
• Individually audit each judgment in your inventory for no additional fees
• Confirm that all judgment data is both FDCP-compliant and collectible
• Robust asset location and execution process, bolsters the segment through involuntary payments
• Bears the full economic risk of as many as seven thorough asset investigations per eligible account
• Often locates enforceable assets that network attorneys were unable to identify
• Can collect on accounts where the debtor has moved out of state

For more information: Call 212.660.3164 or e-mail:


Creditors – A New Solution Triples Collections

This New Solution Triples Collections on Unpaid Judgments

We have pioneered a nationwide judgment enforcement process that often triples collections on unpaid judgments when compared to creditors’ network attorneys.*
The post-judgment segment often remains ignored by even the most sophisticated legal networks, causing as many as 80% of a given creditor’s judgments to simply go dormant and unliquidated.
Not only does this leave potential collections locked inside of their judgment inventory, it also creates increased compliance risks.
The only way to maintain accurate and CFPB-compliant data in a pool of unpaid judgment accounts is to systematically audit the entire inventory. This process is too costly for most collection firms, so they often allow incorrect balances and other data errors to remain on accounts they consider ‘warehoused’.

A Judgment Audit That Pays For Itself

Eltman Law has pioneered a new collections process that includes a full judgment audit. Our asset location and execution is so robust that we can confidently unlock enough value in clients’ judgment portfolios to pay for the costs.

With our judgment enforcement solution, we bear the full economic risk of asset investigation as well as the cost of a comprehensive judgment data accuracy audit. This approach allows our clients to have a fully compliant judgment inventory and often triple the collection numbers they had prior.*
*Based on historical data from close to 1 million judgments handled by Eltman Law. Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.
For more information: Call 212.660.3164 or e-mail:
Eltman Law ( is the industry leader in unpaid judgment management. Our innovative process uses deep data mining, nationwide asset investigations, and nationwide legal executions, to liquidate on accounts that other firms could not find value in.


Agencies – Tired of Calling Accounts With No Data?

Tired of Calling Accounts With No Data?

Despite the vast amount of information options currently on the marketplace, collection agencies still face many of the same problems.

Collectors often find themselves wasting their time trying to collect on accounts that do not have accurate data on the debtor. In many cases, accounts without accurate data will never liquidate, no matter how you tailor your calling strategy.

In order to maximize collections on their accounts, they need to get confirmed information on their accounts, such as: address, credit score, phone number, and job/bank information.

While agencies can solve these problems by relying on data vendors, that can come at a cheap cost. Devoting monetary and operations resources to costly data vendor management can pull resources away from revenue-generating collections.

For many collection agencies, it’s a catch-22: either devote more resources to data investigation, or let your collectors waste their time on accounts without accurate data.

Eltman Law wants to help these agencies with a win-win scenario. Eltman Law currently has a large pool of accounts with confirmed data. However, we do not have a call-and-collect campaign to collect on these accounts.

We would like to place these highly-collectible accounts out to a capable agency so that we can focus on what we do best – thorough account investigation – and leave the collections to the experts.

Call (212) 660-3164 and give us a quick summary of what you consider “ideal accounts”. We’ll give you the next steps.


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