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One-Stop Legal Collections & Compliance

Servicing Institutional Creditors directly across 13 States.

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Legal Collections in 13 States

Nationwide Legal

Full legal collection focused on most populous states. Our 13-state footprint covers up to 75% of a standard consumer debt pool.

Centralized Compliance & Auditing

Maintain a national legal collections program with one central audit. Our compliance procedures are consistent across 13 states and fully vetted by Fortune 500 clients.

Reputation Management

Our conservative legal strategy emphasizes CFPB compliance and return on court costs. We retain a team of full-time attorneys dedicated to compliance & consumer protection.


Superior asset location drives smarter legal collections.


Who We Work With

Our diverse client base includes:


Over one million judgments managed on behalf of our clients.


Our Services

We represent institutional creditors across 13 states. Our suite of creditors' right services include:

13-State Legal Footprint

We are national law firm with direct practices in New York, California, Florida, Texas, Georgia, Michigan, Ohio, New Jersey, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Missouri, and Kentucky.

Conservative Legal Strategy

Eltman Law’s conservative legal strategy emphasizes CFPB compliance, reputation management, and ROI on court costs. We review client portfolios for consumer protection and asset scoring before filing a single suit.

Superior Asset Location

With 15 years experience enforcing judgments for institutional creditors, Eltman Law’s asset location process has been shown to identify and enforce assets that other law firms were unable to locate. This process has been tested on over 1 million judgments.

Dedicated Compliance Staff

Bulletproof compliance standards are maintained by a team of 5 dedicated compliance attorneys. The compliance team oversees all compliance processes, disputes, complaints, and consumer protection matters.

Proactive Consumer Protection

In addition to stringent compliance to all federal and state regulation, Eltman Law maintains internal consumer protection measures that go beyond regulatory requirements. As a Creditors’ Rights Firm, Eltman believes it’s important to do the right thing without being told.

Reputation Management

Our clients’ reputation is just as important as our own performance. We have an expansive hardship program and our collectors are trained to recognize hardship cases. 100% of calls are recorded for audit and we employ a team of full time compliance attorneys.


The level of innovation and creativity displayed by Eltman Law is not typical of the collections industry.

an institutional client

Conscientious Collections

While collection is the primary service we provide for our clients, it is not our only priority.

We invest heavily in maintaining strict compliance in regulatory matters for our clients. But even more importantly, we recognize our obligation to do right by every consumer we interact with.

Our firm has been in practice since 1947 and has a proud tradition of integrity and ethics. We know there’s more to every consumer’s story than a name and a delinquent account balance.

While we have built our firm to handle the high-volume needs of leading national creditors, we have also made sure that volume did not compromise our ethical responsibility.

We have hired a dedicated staff to maintain our standards of integrity, and we are proud to maintain profoundly low percentages of complaints and countersuits.

Asset-Based Collections

Superior asset location is the cornerstone of Eltman Law’s legal strategy. Years of enforcement analytics inform high-volume suit scoring.

Pioneers of Dormant Judgment Seconds

Eltman Law is recognized as the pioneer of the Dormant Judgment Seconds niche, which is now an industry standard. The firm’s tradition of innovation continues to pioneer new legal solutions.

Judgment Domestications

As a single firm with offices in multiple states, Eltman is uniquely capable of enforcing judgments when the consumer has moved out of state.


Our Advanced Legal Program uses a broad range of post-judgment techniques to enhance the traditional tools of wage garnishment and bank attachment (where allowable by state law). These techniques include service of third party subpoenas to gather information, debtor depositions, motions for installment payment orders, receiverships, charging orders and contempt proceedings.

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